We Are Awesome Folow Us

Once I began, the promise of being able to shop from my site was in the offing. The placeholder was there. The potential was huge. I had the artistic goods to sell, the technical ability to make the site work, and damn good reasons to create it, and yet… it…was…hard. I dragged my feet. I let myself drift down unproductive paths of indecision (what-if-I-make-it-dance-like-this-instead), and perfectionism (couldn’t-it-just-do-this-one-more-thing), and, my favorite, self-doubt (do-you-really-think-it’s-good-enough?). Finally I arrived at the end of another chapter of the website story. I give you the SHOP! Incomplete, imperfect, but a satisfyingly good start.

In the next revision, the shop will have more categories. Imagine an array of silk scarves and silk wraps. If you’ve seen my work at a show, you’ll see them in your mind’s eye: a pile of fabric in an overpowering array of colors. If you check back in a while, you’ll see them in a future version of my web shop. I’ll have worked out a way to represent something that would be better touched and tried on, than looked at on a screen. We’ll all just have to agree that no matter how good, it’s a poor substitute for the 3-d world, but way better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, yes?

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