We Are Awesome Folow Us

I should be in Ann Arbor today, setting up for the Ann Arbor Art Fair. But these are interesting and difficult times we are living in, times in which we have no control over what will and won't be going on. I will sincerely miss the crowds and the heat and the long days. I will miss the conversations with a parade of beautiful women. I will miss the shared stories and the shared feelings. And I'll miss sharing my art. Next year. Yes, less difficult times next year. I'll see you in Ann Arbor in the heat of July

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants. Never let anyone tell you that you can't wear it, do it, or be it. In my story, grrrrrls can be computer programmers and computer programmers can become artists. I'm looking forward to all that I'll be before I'm done becoming.

Once I began, the promise of being able to shop from my site was in the offing. The placeholder was there. The potential was huge. I had the artistic goods to sell, the technical ability to make the site work, and damn good reasons to create it, and yet