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In the website realm it’s hard to know when to say “I’ve done enough” and call it good to go. Because: there’s always more I could do. Because: perfectionism. Because: there’s another feature I want to add before I release this to the public. Because: …(I have a million of them, but I think you get the point). I have been developing websites since the beginning of the web. Once, a thousand years and one career ago, one of my kids asked me “do you ever actually finish your work?”, a question that was asked with so much genuine curiosity it made me pause. The answer to that in website development was then, and still is, no. I don’t. I finish a chapter, maybe, and then I go on to write the rest of the story. One thought at a time.

So in the spirit of you-can’t-even-dream-of-finishing-until-you-begin, I give you the first chapter of my new website. With promises of stories and art, old and new, to come. One entity at a time.

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  • John Hay3 months ago

    Beautiful site, Susan! You’re work is an inspiration. I’ll be telling my friends!