We Are Awesome Folow Us

Susan D Luks

I came to the art world by way of living 6 b’zillion years on Earth, transcending my role as the smart child and overthrowing nearly 40 years spent as a computer geek. One day I embraced hyperbole, straightened my tiara, put on my cape and flew.

Though I have played with fabric since I was a kid, I have been seriously creating fabric, creating art clothing with my fabric, and showing and selling my work at juried art shows since 2006. It has been a joy!

My Grandmother, Rachel Olive Liberacki, was a storyteller. Among her stories was one of how she and sisters made crazy quilt jackets. She set out to make me one, but while telling wonderful stories, she was not always a finisher. She, in fact, made me a beautiful sleeve. I, in turn, made her a jacket – and one for myself, as well. I carried those jackets around with me (in my heart and in my head) for a lifetime. Decades later, when I had kids of my own, I asserted to them in my own stories that everyone is an artist. It was important to me that they see themselves as artistic as well as smart and kind and every other thing they might be. These kids, rightly, turned that assertion on me and wanted to know, if that was true, what kind of artist was I? And so I gathered my fabric and courage and began creating again.

Life is interesting in this way. It’s surprising what sets us on a path, and what creates ebbs and what spurs flow on that same path. Despite the starts and stops, here I am now. Artistic and eager to share my creations with you.  Welcome.