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Purple Flower Cape


Purple and magenta, beaded and embroidered, hand dyed silk lined, cape. This cape features prints of flowers I photographed while out walking.

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The cape: a dramatic statement piece, a throw over anything, a warm wrap, a hug. Depending on your life, it’s ideal for dress up with black, or dress down with jeans. It’s fancy or funky, serious or playful – depending on who you are and what you say it is. The cape is the perfect assertion of your individual style and attitude.

The outside shell is a fabric collage of mixed fiber and texture. The materials in my capes range from hand-dyed silk, satin, cotton, poly, rayon, suede, and brocade.  I lay down a design and bind it to an inner lining with a machine satin stitch, resulting in a strong canvas that is then hand embroidered and beaded. To see the process of making a cape, check out How to Make a Cape on the VIDEOS menu.

This piece specifically: the inside lining material is heavy weight, hand dyed, crepe back silk satin. This cape incorporates printed photos of flowers taken on my travels, and if you look closely and you’ll find a small zippered pocket!

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Dimensions 72 × 50 in





Dry clean or spot clean