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Deep Teal Mask


Deep teal cotton fabric face mask, with detachable bling and beaded ties.

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Since face masks took center stage of our strange “new normal,” they’ve become about more than just health and safety. Masks can be a stylish form of self-expression, offering a welcome potential to lighten the mood. Refocusing on the beauty of any aspect of our lives is just plain therapeutic, which is why I designed these masks to be a unique combination of function, comfort and style.

This distinctive 100% cotton mask is pleated, double-layered and washable for maximum protection and convenience. The top of the mask has a thin wire to let you shape the mask to the contours of your face. It also comes with a detachable matching silk and bead decoration.

Satin cords hold the mask in place. A top loop goes around your head and rests on your ears, while the lower cords are long, wrapping around your neck and lying in front with beautiful beads or stones weighing the ends. This allows you to easily pull the strings to tighten the mask.

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Dimensions 7.5 × 8 in


Remove detachable button, then wash by hand