Simplify Life

Introducing my Get Organized, Declutter, and Simplify Life Services

Who Needs Me:
Perhaps you?

  • Maybe you have too many treasures that your children truly don’t want … or so much stuff there is no room left for you!
  • Maybe you’d like to organize general clutter: a closet that spills when you open it, a cupboard full items you never touch (dishes, glasses, vases), files full of paid receipts, or important documents that need to be identified, or boxes of photos of unknown people!
  • Maybe a better schedule needs to be made for routines like paying bills or something as simple as putting everyday items within easy reach.
  • Maybe you are baffled by technology and want to learn to use your phone, tablet, or computer more effectively or how to use the record features of your cable or how to access Netflix.

If you think that if you just had a little more time and energy or a little help, you could take control and make some of these changes… then yes, you need me.

How We Will Collaborate:
Plain and simple: I can help you make your life easier by creating a plan to make it happen one small, manageable task at a time.

I offer a free one hour consultation to discuss what specific things I can help you with to create some relief. Whether you need someone to do it for you – or with you – or just need some tutoring to help you get started, we can figure it out. Let’s sit down and talk!

My Credentials:

For the past 40 years I’ve been a computer programmer and teacher. I raised three kids, mostly solo. I’m also a fiber artist who spends many weekends doing juried art shows. Consequently, I’ve learned to embrace and practice the philosophy: just do it …one room, one task, and one situation at a time.

My Fee:
After a free consultation, an uncomplicated $30/hour.

How to Contact Me:

Susan Luks
2292 E Lake Lansing Rd                Email:
East Lansing, MI 48823                Text or phone: (517) 282-4876